SGI’s Collaborative VUE Technology

Silicon Graphics, Inc. has created what may be a modern miracle (yes, again). When I think of what they’re coming up with now, all I can think of is the late, great Arthur C. Clarke who famously said: “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic”.
This time, they’ve put together a bombshell called, appropriately, Silicon Graphics RemoteVUE. This is true cutting edge stuff, here.

I can see that this is mostly going to be a business application for now–SGI started off to create business app graphics producers, way back when–but what’s really got me going is that I foresee this stuff evolving into home-based, personal applications fairly quickly. Perhaps by the dreaded 2012. Oooh.

First off, Silicon Graphics RemoteVUE real-time interactive, intuitive, visual-based collaboration. As I see that our business world is going to continue to move in the direction of the virtual office and outsourcing, this alone is totally remarkable. The whole idea of RemoteVUE technology is that you can view what’s going on in the production suite from anywhere (given that there’s high speed Internet access) and from any source (so that PDA of yours that relies on the satellite connection can, indeed, allow you to be anywhere and still get tremendous business-related interaction and contact–but just remember, if you’re going to work while you commute please take the train or the bus!).

And notice that I said visual information is what you can exchange. This is some of the clearest, most detailed, most powerful visual info that you will ever have the pleasure of using–it’s SGI, after all–and, in our visual world and our increasingly visuals-based tech world, this is a welcome innovation. You no longer have to feel like a master painter who is forced to abstractly talk about his paintings and with a limited vocabulary to boot. If you’re an engineer, corporate scientist, or product designer, you know exactly what I mean.

We’re not talking downloading a photograph or a short little streaming video from your e-mail or to your PDA. This is total collaboration, done in real time, seen in real time, in all of its devilish detail. Yes, that’s right–you change something via your PDA in Hawai’i and your colleagues in Cologne and New York just saw it change right before their eyes at their workstations. I’m talking hyper-WebEx, here.

Streaming media, 3D models, simulations, 2D images are all equally accessible in the same remote way. Yet, for those of you with security issues, don’t worry. SGI has made it so that all of the data and all of the applications stay right in the data center–and you can even use selective compression, encryption, and encoding to further make your interactions (no longer mere “transfers”) more secure.

Silicon Graphics is creating the world of the “Star Wars future” right here and now before our very eyes.

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