Builder Plans for Clash of Clans Game

Clash of Clans is one of the most popular games which include a lot of planning along with execution of a number of strategies, thereby making the game exciting throughout. One of the essential things to look upon in this game is to get a good builder plan built for securing one’s base as well as get the enemy units destroyed which usually comes for attacking the base. The planning of the base is quite important because this is where the winning or losing the game depends. The placement of the defense structure, the building, and other units are essential points to consider for winning the game. There are a number of builder plans available online which can be made use of while getting the building plan drawn.

While playing Clash of Clans, a number of things need consideration so as to create a strong base protecting one’s resources along with maintenance of high trophy count. Here are few of the things one must keep in mind for the builder plan:

A few of the buildings need protection from walls and other buildings need to be kept outside the guard of the walls. The outside buildings are called Builders huts, Army camps, Laboratory, Spell factory, Barracks and in other cases Elixir collectors or gold mines. In case, these elixir collectors and gold mines get on higher levels, these are then considered inside the protection of the walls.

These walls have the ability to protect buildings as well as slow down the opponents’ performance. But one must strategize well to get this into action. Never any gap should be left in-between the walls or even use these buildings as walls since enemies can make entry through these gaps. One must never use any single cell for protecting all the buildings, thereby enclosing all the vital buildings into separate cells for protection, even when these cells or walls get breached. I know, there are coc cheats to easily breach those walls, but those are rare occasions.

Defensive buildings like Mortar or wizard towers have to be centralized so as to avoid getting attacked. One should not place the Archer towers and canons on the outskirts, thereby making sure that these buildings are not the first ones to get attacked.

Two builder plans are commonly used- farming base and defensive base. Either of the builder plans has to be chosen as per the strategy of the player, defensive plan being the popular one. Getting the base compact will automatically allow one to possess a better defense mechanism in the game. These are the general tips to be considered while making the builder plan but one can look for other various builder plan tips online to strategize the gameplay in the best possible way.

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