5 Original Video Game Console Names that Were Infinitely More “Gangsta Their Final Names

Video game systems usually have catchy names like the Dreamcast or Nintendo Wii, but the final names that video game consoles end up with aren’t always the same as the ones they started with. Following are several game console code names that were more kick ass than the lame names they ended up with.
Project Natal – Xbox Kinect

When Microsoft announced their new motion sensing peripheral device for the Xbox 360, I was totally stoked – Project Natal was going to be awesome. Every commercial that I saw featuring Project Natal had me sold on how awesome the device would be – and with a name as kick ass as Project Natal, what could go wrong. Well… Microsoft could change the name. When Microsoft changed the name of Project Natal to the Xbox Kinect, the entire marketing strategy went from kick ass awesome technology to a device that your mother in-law and kids would want to play.

The Revolution – Nintendo Wii

The Nintendo Revolution has got to be one of the most gansta names ever given to a video game system and just about hoodwinked every gamer into thinking that the Nintendo Wii would be awesome. Just how Nintendo could go from naming a console the Nintendo Revolution to switching it to something as “cuddly wuddly” name as the Wii puzzles me – the name of the Nintendo Wii went from gangsta to “wangsta” before it even hit gaming shelves.

The Mega Drive – Sega Genesis

The Sega Genesis wasn’t a bad name for a video console (and is kind of gangsta in its own right), but the name “Sega Genesis” doesn’t hold a candle’s flame to the epic name of the Sega Mega Drive. I dunno, both Mega and Drive make the console seem as though it’ll be an epic experience that you’ll never want to end and the Sega Genesis name sounds more… [yawn]… unoriginal.

Project Reality – Nintendo 64

Next to the Nintendo Revolution, Project Reality is a shoe-in for the second most epic video system name in the history of video game consoles. Project Reality sounds futuristic, innovative, immersive, and all around kick ass – and seems like a video game system that’ll allow you to jump right in your video game screen and play alongside Mario. In the end Nintendo dropped the ball (as they did with the Revolution and Wii) and decided to go the much simpler route by naming the Project Reality the Nintendo 64.

The Katana – Dreamcast

The Sega Dreamcast is by far one of my favorite video game system names (and one of my favorite video game consoles of all time), but “the Katana” would kick the Dreamcast’s ass in a video game system name fight. The word Katana makes me think of ninjas, blood, sword fights, and being cut… the name Dreamcast makes me think about snoring.

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