Cheats of SimCity BuildIt that can be your savior in the game

The happiness of creating a great and new city with various parts and facing the challenges is what SimCity BuildIt provides the players. The players have to design their city with the various resources that are provided to them. The player has to create residential buildings and has to upgrade them time to time. With time, more people start residing in the city, which allows him to earn more and more wealth. This wealth comes in the tax form which the residents of the city pay for the various kinds of services that are provided to them. The player also has to build a few entertainment areas and parks which will help in keeping the mood of the residents lifted. It is almost like what happens in the actual cities.

Cheats to keep in mind

The player needs to have a winning attitude and should have the urge to progress in the game. He should have a sound knowledge of the SimCity BuildIt hack that works. These cheats will help the player to create a great city without any effort. Given below are the cheats that the players can follow for building the city.

The players should make sure that the goods are being produced continuously whether it is in the stores or the factories. Many times, the factories are known to produce more amounts of goods and products in comparison to the various other sources. All the buildings that are advanced turn these into the infrequent materials that are used for the upgradation of the residential buildings. One of the most important tricks of this game is that the factories and the stores will have to work constantly for the deals and upgrades that are required for the residential buildings.

When the player plays the game, he has to keep a check on the coins which appear on top of the buildings. It is important that the players tap on those coins so that he gets to know about the various deals which require the different items. It is not easy to obtain the Simoleons in this game. The trick that the player has to keep in mind is to accept the deals because all the materials can be produced again.

The player should organize the buildings and the streets in a proper manner which is present in the city. He should not make or create boring designs. The player should customize the city and change the position of the buildings and the streets to make a plan which helps in forming a proper and functional city.

The game allows the players to change the position of the streets and buildings according to his wish. But the player needs to plan the city wisely. The player should remember that he should be creating areas that are separate from the industries and the buildings. The players should have a perfect plan to keep the buildings of the residents away from the various industrial buildings in order to avoid the pollution. Another thing that the player should keep in mind is to spend the cash wisely. He should just not spend the cash on the various items that are taking a very long time to be produced.

The player should also make sure that he pays equal attention to his customized city even when he is offline. To do this, the player should make sure that there is a proper production of the various materials that are required for upgrading the building. It is also important that the player arranges his activity according to the preferences.

These cheats will help the player to progress very fast in the game, and he will also start finding the game interesting.

Features of Guns of Boom

Guns of the boom is a multiplayer firstperson shooting mobile video game which is developed by Game Insight. Guns of boom hit the Apple’s app store, Kindle and Android’s play store on May 18th, 2017. It had a great run soon it came out on the market. There had been five million downloads in two weeks, and soon after two months, it crossed the landmark of ten million downloads. This game has a lot of potentials regarding growing ambition, and it is considered among gaming critics that there are a lot of areas where this game can improve a lot.

New Gameplay features:

Guns of boom come with some great and unique features that make this game awesome to play and enjoy. Some of these features are:

Dynamic Battles and Guns of Boom Generator 2018: the Dynamic battle is a very impressive feature that has been added in this game which surely provides Guns to boom a new edge. In this feature for every successful shooting, the player will be rewarded with 10+ points. Here in this feature players can strafe, move around or use a cover for them but one thing every player playing in Dynamic Battle has to keep in mind that they have to keep moving forward either they will get stabbed in their back by their enemy.

Awesome Graphics: Guns of boom also has some pretty cool visual graphics and some outstanding arenas to play in, and these areas and graphics are enough to steal a player’s mind for sure. Some of the arenas in which this game can be played are Old factory, Skyscrapers, Europe Outskirts, Farms, Construction sites, Europe streets, and Farms.

Over 50 types of variety in weapon: In Guns of boom players can load themselves with a load of weapons to dominate over the other psychos in the form of the opponents. Irrespective of any arena, battlefield or the strengths or weaknesses of the opponent’s players in this game always get to use the perfect weapon according to their needs. The types of weapons that can be used in this game are Knives, Pistols, Shotguns, Machineguns, Rifles, Assault rifles, etc.

Variety of equipment: In this game, only weapons can save a player from every possible attack, so there is some equipment also just in case to be more secured. There is various type of equipment, and those are protective helmets, protective  jackets, pants, etc. There is equipment also which can be customized with various updates and any achievement that is being unlocked in battle.

Hurricane Force Gameplay: Hurricane Force Gameplay is a new featuring gameplay mode where every fight is being fought furiously and every fight is a firefight. In this mode players don’t get to take a breath and that’s described how intense this gameplay is.

Team Deathmatch: Fighting every single enemy and beating them is proven to be a hard task here in this game but if a player join a team then this task get lot more easily. Beside of it joining a team may decrease the amount of burden and also help to kick out the boredom and tiredness from the gameplay.

Easy Gameplay: Makers of this game has always tried to make this gameplay simple and energetic. So with the updates, the gameplay also gets better, and it also adds up Autofire where every player will automatically find out to diminish their enemies.

Reviews and Reactions:

When Guns of boom came out it gets different reactions among gamers and gaming critics. Some find its name irrelevant whether others find it graphics or gameplay smooth and spectacular. Beside of all these facts Guns of boom still has all the credibility which make this game a sort of awesome.

Best Tips for Hay Day Game

Hay Day is quite a popular game which has been created by Supercell five years back. This game can be described as a farming simulator where crops and trees can be planted by players; they can sell products, raise animals and call for a competition is derbies and so much more things to do. Hay Day game is available for both platforms Android and iOS. This game can be considered as a free-premium game as the game features are available for all the players who do not wish to make app purchases.

Here are some top tips for playing this game of Hay Day to make faster win without having to cross many obstacles. These tips can also be regarded as a Hay Day Hack as they help in making a faster and hassle-free win.

Making money faster
Making money can serve as one of the main purposes of playing this game. One can make money quickly by getting the wheat planted as faster as they can in any of the nooks or crannies that can afford this wheat. After this, the crops can be harvested and further be sold the ones who are not needed. This can be considered as one of the easiest ways for making money in the game.

Grabbing some diamonds

Though coins and currencies play an important role in this game, they stand out pale when compared to the diamonds. Thus, one must ensure to take hold of as many diamonds as they can. One can either earn these diamonds from the app purchases or also undertake some strategies to grab them right in the game. One can score diamonds by:

By leveling up in the game
By following the Hay Day game on Facebook
By the completion of each achievement
By searching for diamonds in the mystery boxes
By finding a movie ticket
Making use of the newspapers

One may overlook or ignore the newspapers that are seen while playing the game and paid no attention to them. But these newspapers can serve as a great and quick way to earn some extra money. One should not limit themselves to making use of their newspapers only; they can also steal newspapers from others and use them effectively.

These three are the most common and effective tips for the Hay Day game. Though this game is more peaceful than of Clash of Clans, there is a great number of opportunities to get your opponent screwed up. Therefore, one must be careful and put it use the tips and tricks so as to make a faster and greater win within the shorter time period.

What about Clash of clans gems generator?

The latest invention of technology such as mobile phone and tablets become important needs of human life. These are basically invented to communicate someone, but now they are majorly used to play video games. Among various mobile games clash and clans is most popular game. Similar to other mobile games, you need few points or virtual money to play it. If you do not have virtual money, then you need to pay real money in buying required amount of gems, points, gold, or virtual money. On the other hand, a player can hack this virtual money or gems through any hacking tool. So the players do not need to buy virtual money from any game platform.

What about the hacking tool?

In order to hack gems to play the clash of clans, you need to maintain some gems, stars, and gold in game account. Else, you need to buy these coins from a game platform. On the other hand, you can find a particular website that provides necessary gems in free of cost. These websites are known as code or gems generator. You just have to access the particular generator, fill the required amount of gems, enter player’s tag, and then generate free gems.

Before generating free gems, the generator instructs players to perform some brand promotional activities. Players need to watch promotional videos, download extra mobile applications, share advertisements on social media sites and else. Now, you are redirected to the final page. The necessary gems automatically transferred to your game account.

Why any promotional activities

The gems generator gives free coins, stars, gold, gems, and other virtual money in free of cost. Actually, the site does not hack any game platform but genuinely buys gems. The website catches different companies and provides their advertisements on their web page. In results, they get the handsome amount and buys genuine gems. So, it is completely legal, and players get genuine gems in order to play clash and clans. The whole process takes about 5 minutes. It may be possible that you have to spend more time to watch promotional videos or download an application.

The hacking process is difficult as it seems but the theory appears complex. But keep the thing in mind that a general mobile phone user can generate free gems easily. It does not require any computer skills to hack free gems.

Instead of it, you can find various important features on free gems generator and the clash of clans hack free gems.

Review of the Samsung Captivate Smartphone

The Samsung Captivate Smartphone comes with a stunning Super AMOLED (Active-matrix organic light-emitting diode) display screen, 16 GB of memory built into the phone, the Captivate has a 1 GHz processor. Also, the Samsung Captivate has an expansion slot where you can add more memory if necessary. The Samsung Captivate features the Google Android 2.1 operating system that provides excellent calling quality. The Smartphone also has complete wifi options for services.
Samsung Captivate Design and Style

The Samsung Captivate is similar to other touch-screen Smartphone’s on the market. The design of the Captivate Smartphone is not really that nice. The phone stands 4.18″ high x 2.5″ wide. The 4-inch AMOLED screen supports 16 million colors with a resolution of approximately 480×800 pixels. The screen displays text very crisp and clean on the phone. The phone seems bigger than most Smartphone’s on the market, but it still fits in your pocket plus provides an on-screen clarity that is not seen on most Smartphone’s.

The Samsung’s Captivate touch screendisplayscreenis really receptive as well as extremely fast. On the bottom of the screen on the Captivate are 4-Android shortcuts such as home, menu, search and back button. The volume button for the Captivate is on the left and the power button is on the right. The Samsung Captivate has an earphone jack port on-top of the phone along with a USB slot. As with other similar phones, the Samsung’s Captivate 5-megapixel camera in on the back.

Samsung Captivate User Interface

The Samsung Captivate features Samsung’s Touchwiz 3 interface that has new buttons compared to older versions of the interface. You can customize the home screen as you see fit. The Samsung Captivate operates like similar Smartphone’s in that you can touch the screen and slide to find exactly what you’re looking for. The Samsung Captivate has GPS capabilities allowing you to search and find directions or your location at any time.

Samsung Carrier and Cost


The Samsung Captivate is only available on the AT T; network at this time. You can download Android apps for this phone and as we all know Android is less strict on app control like Apple is with the Iphone. The Samsung Captivate costs anywhere from $100-$500 depending on what plan or special AT T; is offering to its customers.

Timeshift Demo for XBOX 360

About a year ago, I began to see trailers for an upcoming game on the Xbox 360 called Timeshift. It featured supposedly next-gen graphics, intelligent AI, and the ability to manipulate time. The trailers I saw looked phenomenal, I was very impressed, and anticipating the release. Unfortunately, the release date was pushed back many times because of a switch between publishers and other hurdles. I honestly thought the game was going to become another Duke Nukem Forever. Well, fast forward to September 2007, and lo and behold there is a demo available on Xbox Live. I quickly downloaded the much hyped game and began to play test it.

Unfortunately, Timeshift suffers from the mediocrity and lack of originality that prevails in the game industry these days. Manipulating time was something that has been done before quite well and honestly fails to deliver anything new and innovative now. In Timeshift you can slow down, fast forward or rewind time to allow you to get shots in on enemies before they even spot you or avoid deadly projectiles. The problem is that instead of using the time shift ability some of the time, you are forced to use it almost non-stop in the more difficult skill levels which artificially prolongs the levels and adds to monotony after the the third time using it.

The second problem with the game are the collision detection boxes around enemies. Amazingly enough, I would pump my shotgun in an enemy’s face or unload a clip of the Karbine in their face and they would still survive. Are their faces made of Kevlar? I would see blood splatter on their faces, but they would still be alive. The worst of it, was when I would time shift into slow-motion and shoot a few enemies in the heads thinking they were dead, I would continue moving forward. When the time shift wore off, I was being shot by the same enemies I had thought I had killed. This would be acceptable in Goldeneye on the Nintendo 64, but not now on the Xbox 360.

The next issue I have is with the graphics. I know it is only a demo and supposedly not the finished product, but I have seen many demos that companies claim are not the finished product, when in fact the retail product is exactly the same. The NPC models are horrendous to look at. They look only slightly better than Halo 2 character models and the lip-sync is off quite a bit. The graphics of the environment have nice water effects, but blood looks very unrealistic, and the NPC do not show any damage when shot or killed. If I shoot someone point blank with a shotgun, they should have bullet holes in them from the spray.

The final problem with this game is enemy AI. I ran by some enemy soldiers and although they saw me, they did not even pursue me or shoot back. I almost feel like playing Goldeneye again. Enemy AI should be streamlined to the point where enemy soldiers pursue and flank the player like in Call of Duty 2.

For a game that has been delayed so many times and had much hype surrounding it, they should delay this game another year to fix the mediocre effort put into it, or shelf this one forever.

Things to Know About Injustice 2

There are all kind of work in this universe some are easy and some are hard beyond our imaginations but elders say the way of doing a work made hard works so easy. The same thing is with Smartphone and games. Everyone has his different style for playing a game or using a Smartphone. The same rule is with injustice 2. You can play this game in your own style but if you are using a wrong strategy for playing a game then you may have trouble playing and winning it. Injustice 2 is HD graphics battle based game developed for teenagers. You can download this game from Playstation Network, Xbox, Android, and Apple. For all of the platforms, the game theme and storyline is same. You can download it and play this. Injustice 2 come with some additional files so you have to wait after installing this game because additional files download later in your Smartphone.

How to Play Injustice 2

Everyone has his own style of playing a game. There are many chances that you will someone wrong but they can be right at some places so don’t worry everyone is using best tip according to them. If you are playing this game then must be professional in what tips you are using then if the other opponent has much power still the opponent will lose for sure. There are many tips but the best and ideal one is

Using Combo Attacks

Every player has many attacks which they can use to strike in a different style and they can perform better while playing Injustice 2. You must have to keep on upgrading yourself in this game because as much as the level will be the much combo attacks you will learn and use. As everyone knows Batman has lots of moves. You may have watched many movies from which you have learned about it. So this is the time to using all the combo attacks by which you will be a great competitor. You can do Caped Crusader just by two medium attacks and then a heavy attack will knock down the opponent on the floor and you will get time for thinking. There are many moves which can help you. You can also learn how to hack injustice 2 easily. This is a website tool which will help you to earn more free gems and gold coins.

You need gems to buy chests. There is two type of chest in this game. One is silver chest and the second one is the golden chest. Use these chests to get XP for increasing level of your characters. The more XP you will get when you will win a battle in less time. The remaining time will help you to get XP. If you want to get faster then must try injustice 2 hack and this will help you to get injustice 2 free gems.

How To Use Injustice 2 Hack

These are tools which you can access for free. Click on Injustice 2 Hack and then you will be redirected to a new website where you can more gems and gold. Now follow some of these simple steps:-

  • You will see a button saying start hacking.
  • Wait for complete loading of next page and when the page is completely loaded then enter your Injustice 2 username or you can enter you an email which you used while starting up for this game.
  • Now you have to choose your device because you can use this tool for any device.
  • You can choose the number of coins you want but choose the ideal amount of coins so that you didn’t get caught.
  • The same thing is with gems and SIM. Once you filled all the boxes then click on generate button and wait for few moments.
  • Wait for some moments and do a human verification so that you get your coins and gems debited in your account.

After your verification you will be debited with desired amount of gems. Now you know the method of getting Injustice 2 free gems. Use this method whenever you need more and keep on playing. Use all these coins for upgrading your players. Soon you will be the top player of this game because you have maximum XP which you get through buying chests with free gems. There is no other best way for getting gems this fast. Keep caution whenever you use this tool because if you are playing this game as well as using this method then your account can get banned.

5 Original Video Game Console Names that Were Infinitely More “Gangsta Their Final Names

Video game systems usually have catchy names like the Dreamcast or Nintendo Wii, but the final names that video game consoles end up with aren’t always the same as the ones they started with. Following are several game console code names that were more kick ass than the lame names they ended up with.
Project Natal – Xbox Kinect

When Microsoft announced their new motion sensing peripheral device for the Xbox 360, I was totally stoked – Project Natal was going to be awesome. Every commercial that I saw featuring Project Natal had me sold on how awesome the device would be – and with a name as kick ass as Project Natal, what could go wrong. Well… Microsoft could change the name. When Microsoft changed the name of Project Natal to the Xbox Kinect, the entire marketing strategy went from kick ass awesome technology to a device that your mother in-law and kids would want to play.

The Revolution – Nintendo Wii

The Nintendo Revolution has got to be one of the most gansta names ever given to a video game system and just about hoodwinked every gamer into thinking that the Nintendo Wii would be awesome. Just how Nintendo could go from naming a console the Nintendo Revolution to switching it to something as “cuddly wuddly” name as the Wii puzzles me – the name of the Nintendo Wii went from gangsta to “wangsta” before it even hit gaming shelves.

The Mega Drive – Sega Genesis

The Sega Genesis wasn’t a bad name for a video console (and is kind of gangsta in its own right), but the name “Sega Genesis” doesn’t hold a candle’s flame to the epic name of the Sega Mega Drive. I dunno, both Mega and Drive make the console seem as though it’ll be an epic experience that you’ll never want to end and the Sega Genesis name sounds more… [yawn]… unoriginal.

Project Reality – Nintendo 64

Next to the Nintendo Revolution, Project Reality is a shoe-in for the second most epic video system name in the history of video game consoles. Project Reality sounds futuristic, innovative, immersive, and all around kick ass – and seems like a video game system that’ll allow you to jump right in your video game screen and play alongside Mario. In the end Nintendo dropped the ball (as they did with the Revolution and Wii) and decided to go the much simpler route by naming the Project Reality the Nintendo 64.

The Katana – Dreamcast

The Sega Dreamcast is by far one of my favorite video game system names (and one of my favorite video game consoles of all time), but “the Katana” would kick the Dreamcast’s ass in a video game system name fight. The word Katana makes me think of ninjas, blood, sword fights, and being cut… the name Dreamcast makes me think about snoring.

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Here Is a Method To Help You In Yu-Gi-Oh Duel Links

The attack and the defeat are common in all the game but here you can use your cards in order to fight with your enemies. If you know the importance and the use of the card which you gain in the game would be useful for you to attack your enemies in the yu hi oh duel link game.

  • If your monster is ready then you can attack your enemies through that if not then you can also able to attack your enemies directly.
  • You can able to relay the position from the first and start your attack in the heavy manner to attack your opponents.

When the battle had been started between you and your enemy you have to be aware of your monster position is in attack or defense because this helps to know that you are strong enough to fight or not. When the opponent monster is in the attack position then you have to protect yourself in the game by doing all the required changes that is needed in the game. When you keep on moving forward in the game you can able to collect the gems and you can use those resources for buying the cards and the other things which is needed for playing your game.

Is the hack really works inside your game and gives you benefits.

There is also another way available for you to generate all the gems inside your game within few minutes without getting any other problems. The duel link hack which really works inside your game to get the unlimited resources and this game is an online based game. When you connect your yu hi oh duel link game with the other social media then your scores would be updated there that would able to create a good credits for you in the game. You can also invite your friends for playing this game and through this game you can able to get lots of friends easily and no one could able to find that you had used the yu hi oh duel hack tool inside your game for hacking your gems because it is highly secured and protected. You no need to give any of your personal details for hacking the coins and there won’t be any chance for you to miss use your personal details through the hack. After hacking your resources your game would boosted and now you can start to rock your game with your unlimited gems.

Prey: A Decent First Person Shooter for the PC that was Recently Released

In this shooter we have the story of Tommy, a Cherokee stranded on a reservation who’s life is going nowhere. The girl he loves is stuck in a dead end job working in a local bar, and sadly refuses his prodding for her to “leave with him” and “leave this place.” There is basic talk to his grandfather who sits at the bar with him mentioning he will be needed later that night, and some talk with his girlfriend before the things go crazy.
Just as a bar fight ensues and after you have taken on two hicks with a wrench, the world goes into chaos as aliens tear into the bar and by means of lasers and beams simply abduct everyone and almost everything around, (even chunks of the very bar that you start out in itself that you see later in the game.)

Abducted along with all the other earthlings, this game has a familiar Quake IV plot from the start. Along metal conveyor belts your character gets whisked away into a large planet like mothership of alien origin. However, as with the start of many good stories, he is aided by an “unseen” friend and his pod, which seems to be taking him into some type of human processing plant., derails and crashes….thus setting him free.

He girlfriend isn’t so fortunate, and her cries echos down the long metal corridors as he cries out that he will come to her aid and save her. With wrench in hand, (which I am not sure where he hid this since they show you a reflection of him in the beggining while restrained with nothing in his hands,) he creeps off into the shadows to assault the uninvited earth “guests” and start a long journey of body and spirit.

Well, for starters, this almost threatens to be another “us against the aliens” shooter. As you move along the extremely linear hidden game path, the game has an option to “learn” from your playing style. Not sure what difference it makes, as when I tried playing with option on, I didn’t notice anything odd in the AI. Perhaps emailing the game company would reveal more details on this feature. The weapon attainment advance is fair enough…,( you start with a wrench, then gain a rifle…etc..etc) and the health power up spots, (which looks like a living alien that poofs dust from a bowl into your face,) are more than generous at simple levels.

The graphics are good, and there are many settings for not top of the line cards, (so us poor folk can still play.) All in all, where the storyline threatens to be ‘yet another space shooter’, it starts to unravel a fair storyline. Twists in the plot and the mastering of ‘spirit’ abilities spice up the game in later levels. Such as walking through forcefields in ghostly form and crossing bottomless metalic chasms via ‘spirit bridges’ make the game unique. Even more so, when you die, you don’t lose lives, experience, or items. You take a trip into the spirit realm to battle the ‘restless spirits of conquered foes’, (or something very close to that.)

Another neato part of the game experience is tossed in after a few levels and it has everything to do with gravity. Nope, not talking about jumping in light gravity or walking just up walls. I am talking flipping the whole screen, walking up, around, and down walls…and finally jumping into teleport holes that flip your view all around and change your orientation. Some puzzles include shooting distant “triggers” that initiate this boggling event.

Sometimes it happens after you have entered a gate or portal. Wildly, there is even a puzzle near the games later stages that is completely based on flipping a cube while you are in it. I won’t give any spoilers besides what I may have already, no comments on the ending, for it could ruin the story, but the ending is worth the game.

Simply, the game play is long enough in my opinion for an average shooter, (heck, longer than some I played,) and it even has a “mature” mode. Once enabled, you can listen to Tommy cuss when he gets injured, or recoil in horror while swearing like a sailor. In my opinion a touch leatherneck indian swearing at the face of adversity makes it realistic, (and heck, if aliens took over and I was running around a tunnel that looked alive while hearing distant broadcasts of Art Bell from alien receivers, you bet I might let a few 4 letter choice words fly when something comes close to biting my head off!)

All in all? Great game, good graphics, decent amount of time to play, some new concepts and sneaky enemy AI at times. Sure, it was a tough act to follow games like Doom 3 or Quake 4, but it sure has it’s points and it still stands alone with originality and interesting level concepts.